There's An Oil for That!

There's An Oil for That!
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Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree...

Every year we take the kids to the tree farm and spend a good hour, freezing, looking at gazillions of trees, just to pick out the "perfect" one. By the time we find the tree, we have to have a photo in front of it. The kids are generally so cold that I think their faces get stuck in that "frozen" smile stage. My husband is in charge of cutting down the tree, which usually ends with one of us getting frustrated because the process takes to long. We drag the tree across the farm to get it bundled. Have you seen the machine that shakes that tree until all of the loose needles fall to the ground! It's actually funnier to watch the guy who has to hold that tree on the shaker...his face jiggles around like jello!!! We painstakenly attach the tree to the top of the van and pray all the way home that the tree doesn't fall off on the highway, or that our roof doesn't cave in. We have hot cocoa around the table when we get back.

Getting the tree to fit in the stand and stay up right is the next task, but somehow, every year we manage. I laugh when I see the ornaments go up. There are so many on the tree, you can't even tell there is a tree under there! Maybe we need to get more than one??????


Charity S. said...

It def. looks like a perfect tree to me!! And they are so cute infront of it...why would you need ornaments! Just have them stand that way till you take it down...teehee!

My name is Samantha said...

Cute Picture!!!

Valery said...

Funny Tricia it seems like our family has the same ritual and we have a fake tree!!! Usually it is me shaking the branches until they fit into the holes!!!