There's An Oil for That!

There's An Oil for That!
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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well I am back from CHA. I received a wonderful opportunity to go to CHA and meet the owner of Paper Popsicles, where I design for. I drove into Chicago with the contest Coordinators from the site, Valery and Samantha. What a blast we had!!! There was so much eye candy! When I get more pictures I will post them. There are a few here. A special thank you to Lynda who found this video clip on the Pink Paislee blog with Valery, Samantha, and myself in the front at seconds 52-56. How hysterical is that???!!!!!! Here is the link:
Here is the front of the convention center:
Here we are driving on our way to Chicago:
Here is Samantha, myself, and Valery:
Oh YUM!! Here is Tim Holtz!!!
Here are Valery, Mark from Trading Spaces and


becca said...

these are great photos! how fun! I saw that clip before lynda pointed out it was you guys. too funny!! so glad you had fun!!

MarysMadness said...

Lucky you!
I have made google alerts to hear everyones comments about CHA! Can't wait to hear more!

Michele said...

Awesome photos! I love Mark! He is so cute and fun on Trading Spaces! Looks like you all had a blast! I'm love those cute jammie pants from Target!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Well, how stinkin' fun is that? I would be on eye candy overload! Tim Holtz! Cool!

Sheila said...

Those are fantastic photos!!! How fun to see you all together!!!! Lynda hasn't seen the photo of Tim Holtz yet?????