There's An Oil for That!

There's An Oil for That!
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Frightfully Fun!

Bad blogger. Bad bad blogger! Yup, that is me! Life is just always getting in the way of my blog and my scrapbooking these days. But now I will share with you a few tidbits, just to make you happy, k?

First of all, Hannah failed her eye exam at school. You know, those piddly things that some screener does at the local schools once a year. Well, actually, this is the second year in a row (don't throw things at me please!) that she failed. Soooooo, off to the eye doctor we went and here are the results:

Doesn't she look so smart! And totally like her mommy. In fact her glasses are the same shape and style as mine!!!! Ok, enough of that....

I have worked on a couple of things today. Have you been to Paper Popsicles??? You really ought to join us. They are very busy over there with monthly theme challenges, awesome raks, monthly sketch challenges, awesome raks and a super economically friendly scrapbooking store, right there, all in one spot!!! Here are a few things that I did for PP:

The first one is a card that I got from Paper Popsicles. Melissa makes her own cards and sends them blank/white for you to embellish as you wish. She even sends you an envie!!! How convenient and they are a steal! Come visit the store at Paper Popsicles and get yourself some!

The second diddy is a small coffee can that I altered. The challenge was to alter a paint can of which I did not have. BUT, I drink alot of coffee so I had lots of these hanging around!!!

The next two items I did for a new card challenge blog that my friend Jackie designs for called Cardalicious. The challenge was to create a card with a Halloween icon:

I have to mention that a great Cricut Design Studio creator-ess, Laurinda, designed the drippy goo on the first card there. It looks so much like that Martha Stewart punch! I love it!!!

Speaking of Laurinda, she was kind enough to tag me. Most of you know, I don't do well with these I will answer the questions but I will not tag on....otherwise you will feel the need to tag me back...and I have to stop the madness somewhere!!!! lol
7 random facts about me:
1. I love fountain cokes.
2. I eat ice cream nearly every night with my DH, and from DQ
3. I {{heart}} working
4. I still chew my fingernails and pick at my cuticles
5. 99% of my friends are online (man am I a geek!)
6. I love gardening
7. I finally will have a layout published in a BOOK in 2009!!!

Thank you Laurinda for spurring me on to update my blog!!!


dannisdoodles said...

THOSE Halloween cards are cuuuuuuute, wow!

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Tricia-love the cards!

Sheila said...

Hannah is just adorable!

I love the projects you have done!!! The froggy card is the cutest!

Glad you're bloggin!!! Didn't want to have to give you a nudge!!ahahhaha

Laurinda said...

Thank you! That's the first anyone has shared how my design looks in a project. I really love to see them. You did a "terrorific" job!

Ann said...

I came to see your card-a-licious card, and boy, am I glad I did! All of these projects are SUPER cute!!! :D

cornellgj said...

those spiders are adorable! awesome work! :)

wendy said...

Super cute goodies you made :). My oldest recently got glasses too! They look so cute in them don't they?

becca said...

love the scrappy projects. the frog is stinkin adorable. and well, hannah is adorable too! what a cutie pie!

Shannon said...

That frog card is ADORABLE!!!

And I love the mommy glasses!!

Bytesprite said...

I just loved your witch and frog. If you have the cut fils, I would love you to send them to me if you are sharing. I am looking for your Telephone Slider card and can' find it. I would love that one too. I work for a Telephone Company. It's perfect for some retirements coming up.

Thanks...and love your work