There's An Oil for That!

There's An Oil for That!
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Egg--citing Stuff!

I try really hard at work to keep things light and fun. Life is too short to be so serious folks. That's why when one of my staffers asked if any of us balanced eggs on their ends on the first day of spring, I jumped on it. I asked her to bring in some eggs so we could try on Friday...just to test to see if our great earth was in balance. VOILA (and yes Marlene...and you know which Marlene you is not starts with a V) it worked! Knowing that my 11 year would find this super cool, I tried it today at home with an egg and here you go:
Have you tried this as a kid? Super fun stuff here!

MARCH 20TH is the first day of spring, or vernal equinox as astronomers would have it. "Vernal" means "of or pertaining to spring." "Equinox" means "equal night." As the angle of the earth's inclination toward the sun changes throughout the year, lengthening or shortening the days according to season and hemisphere, there are two times annually when day and night are of more-or-less equal length: the spring and autumnal equinoxes. These celestial tipping points have been recognized for thousands of years and have given rise to a considerable body of seasonal folklore INCLUDING BALANCING EGGS ON THEIR ENDS!


Marlene said...

YAY!!!!! Someone who knows how to spell it CORRECTLY!!!!!! :)

Joanie said...

YOu GIRL are "EGG"-stordinary!!!!

Melissa said...

That's so cool, I wasn't aware of that!