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There's An Oil for That!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Run Run Run Faster....can you?

So a friend of mine has asked me for years to run the local race with her. "Just the 5k" she says. "C'mon! It'll be fun!" Anything with the word "run" in it cannot be fun! She doesn't understand that I have not done any type of aerobic exericise since, well, probably childbirth with my third child. So seriously, this is a leap for me. But alas, I have conceded this year and I registered. Now I am not sure why or how my fingers managed to register me. But I am registered. At least I will get a free t-shirt. And maybe some pictures if my dh will take them as I limp across the finish line.

Of course this means I have to train/condition. I envy people who run past my house. They look so agile, so free, like gazelles really. They seem so content. It looks effortless. Then there's me. Has anyone had a stroke after one block? I am sure I could be the first! I have continued to persevere. After the first week I was fitted for some running shoes. A size 9 they say. Seriously? But I really wear a 7 1/2! I leave feeling somewhat like a clown wearing my husband's shoes. But whatever. And they don't let you pick the color of your shoes. I guess color really doesn't help you cross the finish line any faster or easier.

There is so much to remember when you run. Lean forward. Breathe in through your nose/out through your mouth. Don't bounce. Breathe deep into your stomach. Keep your arms loose. Work past the hard part. On and on it goes.
It is the breathing that really trips me up (so to speak--do you like that pun?). I have the hardest time filling my lungs up with air.

I felt a breakthrough today though! Today I got to 7 blocks and it finally was more comfortable. And wouldn't you know it--it was because I stopped looking at the next block or stop sign, I stopped thinking about my arms or my breathing, or how freaking cold it is outside. What I started to do was plan my next scrapbooking project! Yeppers! That did it. I think I finally found my stride!


becca said...

yay you found your stride??? awesome!! I saw your family today. So cute! (I think I already told you that. its been a long day). Did you go to that run/walk place for your shoes over on Grape by some other sports-y places? I wear a nine, so I must be an 11 or something!! too funny. I started day of my 6 week training. I am getting ready to call Erick in here to register with me. Keep inspiring me! I need it!

Anonymous said...

Good luck w/ the running and training!

PS-I know what you mean about trying to keep the REAL reason for Holidays in the forefront. We struggle with that so much at Easter and at Christmas. We don't have Santa or the Easter Bunny around here for that very reason, but it is so hard to get other family members to help and cooperate. We just don't want Jesus to get lost in the commercialism of the're right though it's very tough!

Anonymous said...

Phew I am so tierd even to think about all that runnig!!!!rofl...
Way to go Tricia You are `fab`..
Hope you had a lovely Esater weekend:)♥

Kristen Hermanny said...

I used to run, I loved it, then my Dr. told me if I wanted to be in a wheelchair by the age of 30, keep it up. I was only 14 when he told me this. I was devistated!!! I loved running. My knees hurt all the time. But I am only 35, and too young for knee replacement. At least I can walk. I would hate to be in a chair.
I am glad you found your stride, that has to feel awesome!

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

I am ever so proud of you for sticking with this...and I told you that shoes would make a difference.... you go girl!!!

Joanie said...

You go girl!!!!!