There's An Oil for That!

There's An Oil for That!
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Uh oh, I have been tagged!

My friend Elisha tagged me today....
Here are the rules-

*Go to the photos folder on your computer.
*Go to the 7th folder of photos.
*Go to the 7th photo.

*Put the 7th photo on your blog along with a description.
So, here is my 7th photo in my 7th folder...
At work, we had a silent online auction to raise money for our Kitchen for Independent Living (MEals on Wheels). One of the items up for auction was a homemade German meal prepared by one of the directors of the agency, Ingrid, and served by the CEO, Becky. Well, of course I WON! Becky is in the picture helping my daughter get some flowers in a vase. Becky brought all of the dishes, linens, candles, flowers, napkin holders, glasses, wine, soda, EVERYTHING. We did nothing but sit at our meal as if we were guests at a restaurant! The food was fabulous!
Ok, now I have to invite 7 friends to join.
I am tagging

Fink, Becca, Terrie B, Olena, Carol, Lesley, and of COURSE Lynda!!!


becca said...

what a fun prize!!! how nice! great photo too!

Anonymous said...

`Hi` Tricia..Your Picture is beautiful..Your daughter is sooo `sweet`..
Way to go on winning!!!Looks so lush hope you all had a fab time..TFS
`Thanks` for the tag!!!I will put it up on my blog next Post!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)♥

ScrapMomOf2 said...

COOL photo! What an amazing prize! Your daughter is so cute! I posted my photo today! Thanks for the tag!!

Fink said...

I will do that sometime this week! I am glad this is 7th folder because last one I did was 6! Thanks for tagging me

Anonymous said...

Neat picture and story...thanks for sharing!

Leslie said...

Love those gold chargers! What a neat snapshot that is!!!!!

Just stopping by to say "HI!"